Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let's look at how much protein some of the daily foods that we eat contain.

1 Snickers bar
(Protein = 5.2g per serving)

1 cup of Milo
(Protein = 3.4 g per serving)

1 loaf of Gardenia Bread
1 serving = 2 slices
(Protein = 5.6g per serving)

1 big packet of Lay's Potato Chips
(Protein = 2g)

You can view this information on the nutrition labels of the various foods that we buy.

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Remember exercise and eat right!

Food pyramid - Have a look.

You must remember that proteins are only part of the food pyramid. Let's look at the other components of the food pyramid. Sing along!

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How many servings of protein must you have?

Click here to see the dietary recommendations for children between 7 months to 18 years.
(Remember to look at page 2 under your age group)

How much proteins do you need?

Let's look at The Health Promotion Website of Singapore to see how much proteins you need according to your age.

Look at the horizontal column that says Protein and the vertical column for your age.

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So have you found out how much proteins you need every day?

What is protein? Why is it important?

Hello everybody. This blog is mainly about PROTEIN.

Protein forms an important aspect of the Food Pyramid.

Let's click here to find out more about protein and why it is important to us.
This website tells us what different kinds of proteins there are and how much protein is enough.